NEW course: ­Game based learning­ and Nordic Learning Designs

Create game-based learning based on the Nordic approach to learning

When we play games, we make mistakes 80% of the time, yet we keep playing. In a (great) game, mistakes a part of the experience of flow; we try, we fail and learn, we adapt our strategies and then we try again until we master the game. But when we work with second-chance adults or disadvantaged young-adult students whom often have difficulties in learning, the exact opposite seems true; they might try, they expect to fail, and only sometimes learn to master the subject. So, what happens if we try to apply game mechanics and a sense of flow to learning scenarios for these types of students? What if we create a new approach to learning that involves trying and failing but builds towards trying and mastering? All this in a learning design, that includes the Nordic approach to teaching, which is based on key elements such as democratic values, collaboration and learning by doing – all elements that develop the core 21st century skills that we all strive for. 

Main aims of the course: 

  • Introduction to four levels of using games in teaching
  • Creating learning designs that engages and motivates students 
  • Approach teaching “The Nordic Way”
  • Reflect on the role of the teacher
  • Reflect on current practice and new possibilities
  • Provide tools and theoretical background for teacher development
  • Create learning designs suited for your environment
  • You will bring home a game-based learning design ready to use in your classes 

Different environment, different results 
If students are not able to achieve academic success in a regular setting, then we must change the regular setting if we want students to achieve better results. This course will help teachers, school managers and other relevant personal trying a different approach and new tools to teaching.  

Who can attend? 

  • Teachers
  • School managers
  • Academic staff
  • IT didactical personal

Course program

The program starts at 9.30 AM the 18th of November and ends Friday 22nd of November at 12 PM.

Deadline for registration is Friday, October 18, 2019.


Welcome and introduction
Get to know each other 
Nordic learning environments and the role of the teacher
Approaching games in teaching  


Analyzing games 
Using games – practical examples
Games and second language training 
Gamified Learning Management System 
Designing serious games
Create game-based learning design  


Excursion – FabLab: creative learning spaces 
Continue creating own game-based learning design
(Optional: local sightseeing) 


Nordic learning designs
Open learning spaces 
Finish game-based learning design 


Presentation of game-based learning designs 
Evaluation of course 

Tuition fee: 350 euro per person  

The cost can be funded by Erasmus+ program KA1 mobility or staff